K-Mobile Teams Up with Mississauga Arts Community for New Store Launch

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of K-Mobile, Shami Munir, today opened the doors to the second K-Mobile store in Mississauga. Munir was joined by two art community leaders: Mike Douglas, Executive Director of the Mississauga Arts Council, and Elizabeth Banfalvi, Co-Founder of the Mississauga Writers Group. K-Mobile, which has opened seven stores in the past few months, is a one-stop shop with the best choices possible to select the optimal smartphone and cell phone carrier.

“This Grand Opening celebration was so special because we shared ideas about working together with the arts community on some great joint initiatives. Where there is a thriving arts community, there is a healthy and sustainable city, and K-Mobile is a strong supporter of sustainable community initiatives,” said Shami Munir, President and Founder of K-Mobile. “As our presence here in Mississauga grows, so will our partnerships with organizations like the Mississauga Arts Council and Mississauga Writers Group.”

As a one-stop shop for all smartphone needs, K-Mobile is Canada’s newest retail multicarrier store unique in products, store appearance and customer service. To date, K-Mobile has plans to expand across the Greater Toronto Area by 2018, with a total of 250 stores. The stores offer service plans, smartphones, and accessories with no pressure or gimmicks. K-Mobile’s guiding philosophy is to make customers happy from the moment they walk into the store, to choosing the latest phone and package.

Currently K-Mobile has opened its doors in seven locations in Ajax, Mississauga, Brampton and East York. A total of 250 K-Mobile stores will be open by 2018 in the best retail locations around the Greater Toronto Area.

One idea discussed was using K-Mobile’s large television screen to promote local award-winning art. The screen currently features technical specifications of phones in the store, but will be a great location to showcase local community art, such as digital and video works.

Mr. Munir also showcased the newly launched “K2” smartphone, Canada’s first-ever Canadian Android smartphone developed by K-Mobile and affordably priced at $250. The K2 has a 2-sim card capability, exclusive apps, it is unlocked and is fully customizable for all the customers’ needs. With its notepad and longlasting light, it is the perfect smartphone for the writer on-the-go.

As part of its expansion plan, K-Mobile recently signed an agreement to have all its products carried in the Canada Computers & Electronics retail outlets. In addition, in the next two years K-Mobile is committed to hiring and training 1000 employees including 100 Syrian refugees.

“Two of our recently hired employees include Syrian refugees, who stepped up today to give great presentations on behalf of K-Mobile to our Guests of Honour – Mr. Douglas and Ms. Banfalvi. This is proof that Syrian refugees can land on their feet and thrive in new jobs within the first year of arriving, and we are so proud of them,” added Mr. Munir.


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